Taste: Updating the Latke

Latkepalooza adds cilantro and cabbage to Hanukkah tradition

The latke, traditionally made of shredded potatoes, onion and matzo and dipped in either sweet applesauce or cooling sour cream, is a Hanukkah custom. But this year the latke gets kicked into the 21st century at the Gershman Y’s Latkepalooza, as local chefs create their own takes on the potato pancake. Chinatown’s Joseph Poon presents an Asian version infused with ginger and cilantro, Fritz Blank from Deux Cheminées delves into Germanic history by substituting cabbage for potato, and Bookbinder’s offers up its own fishy version with salmon latkes. (Creativity can be challenged by Kosher laws; no lard or lobster here.) Other updated fried cakes from the Restaurant School and Stephen Starr restaurants will be available for tasting—or stick to a traditional version from the Main Line Kosher Deli.

2-4:30 p.m. December 11th. $8-$12. Gershman Y, 401 South Broad Street; 215-446-3021.