Taste: Dish

Capogiro, the two-year-old artisanal gelateria, is expanding beyond lime-cilantro and apple-mascarpone. You’ll find savory renditions of its Venetian-style gelato at Sole Food (wasabi-­flavored, alongside an ahi tuna salad) and Feast Your Eyes catering (yellow tomato scoops floating in gazpacho). And some of the 270 flavors are now available retail at Du Jour, Di Bruno Bros., Pronto, and Manhattan’s Garden of Eden. Expansion plans include another Philadelphia café location this year.

Book now for seats at the most popular events at the annual Book and the Cook, March 11th through  20th: beer connoisseur Michael Jackson’s brew-pairing dinner at the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology on March 11th; The Paris Cookbook author Patricia Wells in the kitchen at Le Bec-Fin on March 12th; local wine expert Gregory Moore’s wine dinner at Django on March 14th; and Georges Perrier’s meals at Twenty Manning on March 15th and 16th.

No, you can’t get foie gras at Stephen Starr’s Barclay Prime. The delicacy was excised from the menu—and the much-ballyhooed $100 cheese-steak—after a handful of protesters picketed the place. Aficionados can, however, continue to order the fattened fowl liver at five of Starr’s other 12 restaurants, from foie gras aside a pear tartin at Striped Bass to foie gras empanadas at Alma de Cuba; he has no plans to make the ban universal