Philadelphia Hospitals: Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a weakening bone condition that afflicts 52 million men and women over 50, often leading to hip fractures. But it can also strike a young anorexic woman, or a teenager with Crohn’s disease. While nobody has the market cornered on how to diagnose and treat this major health problem, the Jefferson Osteoporosis and Arthritis Center boasts experts with the knowledge to assess and prescribe highly individualized plans from the broad array of options. Many patients are sent here by other physicians in the community for high-quality DEXA scans — the bone density assessment that’s a primary tool is evaluating osteoporosis. In addition, doctors here have infusion capability and can administer intravenous osteoporosis drugs. Part of the center’s routine care is testing for vertebral fractures, small breaks in the spine common to osteoporosis patients and often overlooked. The center regularly participates in clinical trials for new drugs and conducts a “bone club” that lectures on the disease to other professionals (146 Montgomery Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, 800-533-3669,