GOOD LIFE: Homegrown: Turning Japanese

Joan Shepp helps to make Japanese couture more accessible, making things big in Japan now big in Philly

Japanese couture, formerly reserved for those of us daring enough to don billowing, asymmetric parachute-fabric frocks and voluminous trousers plucked from the rarefied racks of Joan Shepp, is, thanks to one local designer, taking a turn for the accessible. Longtime Tokyoite Keiko Ozaki toiled for decades for big-in-Japan brands Koshino and Epoca, met her Philadelphian husband abroad, and last spring started up her own label, Keinice. The line debuted with cheerful sundresses made of reconstructed vintage kimonos. Today, it’s grown to include tunics inspired by Japanese schoolgirls; refined 1950s-­nodding blazers; and, for this spring, ­diagonal-zip white corduroy biker jackets, black shell-button jodhpurs, and swingy skinny-back vests. Find these very wearable designs flying off the hangers at Echochic and Vagabond. And find our favorite — one-of-a-kind babydoll tops made from ­authentic yukata fabric printed with inky carp or kelly green water mills — stocked among the über-cute Cram Cream stationery and $300 ­Kunna jeans at Pine Street’s sunny, funky Omoi. Big in Japan? Please. Big in Philly.

Omoi, 1608 Pine Street, 215-545-0963,