Taste: What to Drink: Cavit Lunetta Prosecco 2002

A bright, clean and well-made wine anyone can afford.

Prosecco, Northern Italy’s favorite sparkling wine, won American fans with its delicious orchard-fresh flavor and modest prices. But the rush of popularity and a faltering American dollar have left prosecco lovers scrambling to find good wine at the good old prices of yore.

Lunetta prosecco neatly resolves aperitif worries, offering a bright, clean and well-made wine anyone can afford. Made by Cavit, the pinot grigio giant, this delicate wine benefits from economies of scale and distribution that bring ample supply to Pennsylvania at a bargain-basement price. Unlike some affordable proseccos, it’s fully sparkling, complete with a ­champagne-style caged cork. Its flavor is reminiscent of green apples and pears, and it’s dry enough to quench without being too austere to drink alone. Fabulous as a pre-meal reception wine or with canapés — try some with smoked salmon or shrimp cocktail.