Pulse: Chatter: Strange Bedfellows

After former city prosecutor Ellen Green-Ceisler nailed a precious Democratic nomination for Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas judge in May’s primary, she credited her win to the last person you’d expect: her ex. “I couldn’t have done this without Larry,” she bubbles of former hubby Larry Ceisler, a top political consultant.

Larry helped with strategy and with cash, chipping in a healthy $20,000 to the campaign, a fifth of the total she raised; during her unsuccessful 2005 run, he chipped in $25,000. Now that’s better than alimony. “Believe me, we don’t agree on everything — if we did, we wouldn’t be divorced,” says Ceisler.

That said, the couple boasts one of the healthiest post-breakup relationships since Bruce and Demi. Green-Ceisler says she would “welcome assignment” to Family Court, where, among other issues, she’d get to rule on divorce cases — and have a ready reply for those who dare ask, “Who is she to judge?”