Pulse: Style: The Backcial

WHAT: A facial for your back.

HOW IT WORKS: You lie half-naked and face-down on a massage table as a backcial-ist attacks your gnarliness with a tingly “enzyme bath” and a rotating brush, then removes ingrown hairs, blackheads, oil deposits and other forms of “bacne” with a super-sterile, um, pimple-popper.

THE PROS: The beat-down is followed by a 15-minute back massage and soothing applications of toning tonic, hot towels and moisturizer.

THE CONS: Some mild, needling pain. And some mild, needling emasculation.

THE VERDICT: Straight men aren’t supposed to care if their backs are soft and clean, but thanks to the unfortunately named backcial, mine is. And I like it.

PRICE: $75 at Francesco & Giovanni, 72 South Trooper Road, Norristown; 610-539-2887.