Taste: Eat this Now: Span-Asian from Feastivities

More than 6,000 miles separate Guangzhou, China, and Barcelona, Spain, but in the Berwyn kitchens of Feastivities Catered Events, the distance between those cities’ two distinct cuisines is the span of a single bowl. Here, chef Andrew Snow fuses wonton noodles and those essential Spanish flavors, saffron and chorizo, into a single fragrant soup (pictured). Paella is enriched with fried flounder carcasses and cellophane noodles, and in Snow’s flan preparation, eggplant and roasted red pepper meet spring roll wrappers. He calls the culinary collision of these two major food trends “Span-Asian.” “Spanish and Asian foods actually have a lot in common,” Snow says of the seafood-heavy cuisines. “I wanted to play with that idea.” Six months of experimentation later—“Lemon does not work with Asian flavors,” he cautions—Snow has added the unusual dishes to his catering repertoire and recently earned an International Caterers Association award for most innovative food trend. Feastivities Catered Events, 610-889-0750. For Snow’s chorizo wonton soup recipe, go to phillymag.com and click on Where to Dine.