The Pampered Pet’s Guide to Philly: No Pet to Pamper? We’ll Fix That!

FRANCISVALE HOME FOR SMALLER ANIMALS. No-kill shelter on the Main Line with strict adoption guidelines, especially for dogs—interview, veterinary reference, home visit and $75. 328 Upper Gulph Road, Radnor, 610-688-1018;

CAT VET. You won’t be able to resist the kitties on display, but just in case, the Cat Vet might let you take them home for a two-day ­trial. Adoption only costs $40. 2210 South Street, Philadelphia; 215-545-2287.

MAIN LINE ANIMAL RESCUE. Adoptions are free—after an in-home inspection and interview—but animals may have a history of neglect or abuse. By appointment only. 610-933-0606;

MORRIS ANIMAL REFUGE. The city’s best-known animal agency isn’t a no-kill shelter, and is notoriously choosy about its adoption procedures. But get through, and you’ll come home with a healthy, well-adjusted pet. 1242 Lombard Street, 215-735-3256;