Good Life: Trendspotting: Local Style Blogs

Philly food fanatics aren’t the only scenesters blogging about anything and everything around town (shhh … don’t tell their bosses): Lately, steadfast design junkies have been responding to Philly’s fashion boomlet with their share of posting. But just how do these online fad-fiends fare? Our own work-time procrastinations revealed the following: has an eye for dainty things like birdie-printed pillows, and mixes news of global goods with updates on that-Philly-artist-who- scored-a-deal-with-Keds, plus finds at favorite boutiques like Petulia’s Folly. lists new store openings. Focusing on indie stores, pithy has fashion and style categories filled with random but worthy bits like a block-by-block analysis of Italian Market shopping. For purely mindless entertainment, takes its cue from the New York Times’s Bill Cunningham and GQ’s Sartorialist and shows photo after photo of real Philadelphians and what they wear (from short-shorted Penn students on campus to funky art students on bikes). And for those looking to make the transition from voyeur to maker, doer and trendsetter, don’t miss, a place to swap paper-cut stories and organize trunk shows with more than 400 other trying-to-make-it brethren.