Bridal Bouquet: Running of the Brides

Look and feel your best for the Big Day: Indulge in a Lomilen massage and start running to easliy tone up.

You have set a date and picked out a gorgeous dress. To feel good in your gown on the Big Day, it helps to get—or stay—in good shape. An easy way to feel your best and tone up is to start running.

The key to running is to start off slowly. Lynn James, president of Philadelphia-based Wellness Consulting, suggests running for a minute followed by walking for two minutes. As the running gets easier, switch the ratio. Run for two minutes, walk for one. The next step to becoming a runner is to increase your endurance. When you work yourself up to five minutes running/one minute walking, begin decreasing that minute.
Once you are continuously running, keep your workouts effective by changing up the intensity. “Anytime you change the intensity of your workout, you are going to burn more calories,” says James. Try five minutes of moderate running followed by 30 seconds of sprinting.