The South Philly Designer Making Badass Jumpsuits and ’90s-Style Streetwear

Alnika Lovello has 58K Insta followers and can’t stock her studio fast enough.

lovello elizabeth

Alnika Lovello of Lovello Elizabeth at Jasper Studios. Photograph by jauhien Sasnou

South Philly native Alnika Lovello launched Lovello Elizabeth, her line of ’90s-evoking, pulled-together streetwear, in 2014. Now, she has 58K Insta followers and can’t stock her studio fast enough.

What I Make: “Versatile get-up-and-go outfits for people on the move: stretchy jumpsuits, men’s classic sweat suits, rompers, biker shorts.”

How It’s Done: “We go through a design process with an illustrator, then send that to our manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. We do several rounds of changes, like adjusting the waistband or zippers.”

How I Began: “I started my own line just for fun. I really didn’t want to do just your regular two-piece sweat suits. The jumpsuit was ahead of its time. It took almost three years for it to sell, and now it’s nonstop orders.”

Most Popular Item: The Zentai II jumpsuit (from $130). “Black is the best-seller. You can wear it to work, out to the club, lounging, wherever.”

What Inspires Me: “Mostly music and my family. I wasn’t young saying, ‘I want to do fashion.’ I just decided to try to create something new, something the city wanted but didn’t have.”

The Latest: “We’re opening a local storefront in the near future.”

Buy at: or Jasper Studios in Kensington, by appointment.

Published as “Suit Up” in the June 2019 issue of Philadelphia magazine.