WATCH: Expecting Couple Runs “Philly Special” Gender Reveal

When the hardcore Eagles fan/father-to-be spiked the ball in a reenactment of the famous Super Bowl play, the explosion of color revealed all.

In February’s Super Bowl, Nick Foles made the risky suggestion in a fourth-and-goal situation to run the “Philly Special” — a play in which the ball was snapped to Corey Clement and pitched to Trey Burton, who tossed a touchdown pass to the wide-open quarterback in the end zone. The play was heralded for its audacity and instantly became a favorite among fans.

And some fans even more so: Twitter user Donny Football posted a video of friends running the play on a Philadelphia street over the weekend. When father-to-be Matthew Noble caught the ball in the “endzone,” he spiked it — and a cloud of pink powder rose into the air to cheers from onlooking friends and family. They’re having a girl.

One friend, playing Pederson, can be seen on the sidelines (read: sidewalk) wearing a headset and holding a flattened Twisted Tea box as a clipboard.

Noble told 6ABC that the group of friends watched every game together, and he and his fiancée, Alexandra Paynter, knew they needed to be a part of the gender reveal celebration.

“They’ve tortured me all last season at my house,” Paynter told 6ABC.

Their daughter, Madison, is due December 8th.

“I think I’m the only guy who wanted a girl,” Noble told 6ABC. “We’re very happy.”