15 Questions for U.S. Figure Skating Champ Johnny Weir

The world-class skater talks divas, beauty secrets, Tchaikovsky and ... sex.

Johnny Weir likes us! He really likes us! In February, the U.S. figure skating champion twirled into Philly to help us celebrate our first-annual WinterPride, where he dazzled with a quick ice show and picked up an award from Philly Pride Presents. And this weekend, he’s coming back to romp with us again. On Sunday, he and a handful of local LGBTQ and ally movers and shakers will be honored at the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund‘s (DVLF) annual HEROES event.  Weir will receive the DVLF’s National HERO award during the main event, then he’ll move on to Fire & Ice (how appropriate!) to shake his toosh at the after-party and T-dance.

I’m not kidding about the shaking-his-butt part. If you read below, you’ll find out that’s one of his favorite moves to do on the ice, plus a slew of other things you probably never knew about the sassy little ice diva from Quarryville, Pa.

When are you happiest? When I’m surrounded by people I love and we celebrate nothing more than being alive. What’s your most extravagant possession? My furs. Describe what you love about Philadelphia in three words. Sophistication, tradition and cheesesteaks. What’s your absolute favorite move to do on the ice? Spinning or standing in front of thousands in a sparkly costume and shaking my butt. If you were only allowed to skate to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? The music of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. It is so deep and filled with emotion that it would never get boring. When you were here for Winter Pride, I noticed your skin is flawless. Share some beauty secrets? No matter how drunk you get, always wash your face before bed! Also, proper hydration and sunscreen are key. Have you seen the movie Blades of Glory? If so, which character do you most identify with? Well, John Heder’s character was based on me, definitely the flying peacock. If ice skating wasn’t an option, what else would you like to do? I love writing and fashion. Becoming a novelist or world famous designer or tastemaker would suit me! Where is your favorite place in the world? Moscow, Russia. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? Working hard to become the man and artist I want to be and doing it my way. What’s your favorite thing about being married? Having someone to take care of and [someone] who takes care of me. Who is your diva inspiration? Christina Aguilera. I’d say Lady Gaga but she’s more of a sister to me and the community whereas Christina is a diva. What is your life motto? Never be afraid to fall down. I feel gayest when … I’m having sex. Finally, you’re being honored at the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund’s HEROES event. Who is your hero, and why? My hero may be cliché, but it’s my mama. She raised me with the strength to be me all while forging the path herself.

The Delaware Valley Legacy Fund’s HEROES ceremony will take place Sun., May 19 from noon to 3 p.m. at the Hotel Monaco (433 Chestnut St.) The after-party is from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Fire & Ice (312 Market St.) Tickets range from $10 to $150 and can be purchased here.

Other questionees:

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