Hot, Steamy Cocktails for the Longest, Coldest Nights Out in Philly

These are our favorite spots in the city for always-comforting, always-festive and, most importantly, always-hot drinks.

Spiked hot chocolate at The Wayward | photo provided

Warm cocktails are a complicated game. Heating changes the flavors of spirits and other ingredients, so creating a warm cocktail that truly tastes great is not as simple as warming up a cold drink. Often, these drinks can swing cloying and headache-inducing — but we still crave them every year when the weather gets cold. Because when they’re done right, they can be so, so good. Here are our favorites right now.

Assembly Rooftop LoungeCenter City
Assembly has the trifecta of classic warm drinks: a peanut butter whiskey-spiked hot chocolate, an earl grey and ginger liqueur hot toddy, and a spiced apple cider with Stateside bourbon. Served in their newly decorated winter wonderland, the vibes are incredibly cozy.

Alimentari at Di Bruno Bros., Center City
Make a day out of your Christmas shopping by picking up all the stocking stuffers and edible gifts you need at the Di Bruno Bros. Chestnut Street location, then head upstairs for a bite to eat and one of their winter-warmer cocktails, like the Orchard Warmer, with spicy honey, black pepper-infused rye, and local apple cider.

Wissahickon Brewing CompanyEast Falls
We really appreciate a brewery that also serves a nice cocktail, and Wissahickon has ’em. For the winter season, they’re serving two different warm drinks: an apple cider spiked with Manatawny Stillworks whiskey or rum as well as a pomegranate hot toddy, which puts a fruity twist on the classic drink.


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Herman’s Coffee, Wharton
Herman’s has positioned itself as the go-to spot in Philly for nonalcoholic spirits, and now they’re serving up a selection of mocktails as well. They’re currently doing a spiked eggnog made with zero-proof rum, perfect for keeping your wits about you while you browse for stocking stuffers in their excellent marketplace.

The WaywardCenter City
The Wayward is bringing back their adorable cocktail cart this year, and it will once again serve up a handful of seasonal cocktails including vin chaud with cognac, hot chocolate with allspice dram, and a hot toddy made with earl grey gin.

The Lunar InnPort Richmond
Even Lunar’s classic cocktails always have a little twist. Their hot toddy is no exception: They add a touch of chaga mushrooms for a savory twist along with brown sugar, cloves and lemon.