Dishes in Philly to Order Right Now

Empanadas, wings, and the best Tex-Mex tacos in Philly.

Tacos at Quetzally | Photo by Michael Persico

Here’s what the Foobooz team is eating now — and suggests you eat this weekend.


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Tex-Mex chorizo tacos from Quetzally

The chorizo is made in-house, and it comes piled high with guac, cheese and shredduce on top of a soft corn tortilla. One of these tacos is a masterclass in building texture—crispy, soft, creamy, fatty, all in one bite.


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Wings and fries from WING WING WING

Stephen Starr’s newest project is based around a simple concept: seven different flavors of wings and three different types of fries. Everything’s crispy and the sauces offer bold, distinct flavors: I ordered Sesame Soy and Dry Jerk Spice with waffle fries, but also ate a lot of my fiance’s order — BBQ, Dry Nuclear Spice, paired with sweet potato fries. Finally, wings get the star treatment, instead of being a bar-food afterthought. — Ernest Owens

Empanadas from Empanada Alley

Cuba Libre’s chef Guillermo Pernot launched a delivery-only ghost kitchen called Empanada Alley. They’re $5 a pop and come in beef, chicken, pork, tuna, veggie, and guava dulce, which means the time is nigh for an empanada party with all your vaccinated friends!