Where to Eat This Weekend

Sweet Charlie’s | Facebook

Sure, you could just go to the same old place you always go. You could stay on your block, safe and sound, and never try anything new. Or you could take a chance. You could move outside your comfort zone and taste something you’ve never tried before.

Here’s where the Foobooz team is going to be eating this weekend. Maybe you’ll find something that sounds interesting to you. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite restaurant. And maybe we’ll see you there.

Marra’s | Official

Neighborhood: South Philly • Cuisine: Italian

Most weeks, I start this off with some place new for you to go check out this weekend. This time, though, I’m kicking things off with something really old instead. Marra’s has been around for almost a century, serving classic, neighborhood Italian cuisine (plus pizza). It’s the kind of place you go to for linguine and clams, for stuffed peppers or mussels in red sauce. If it has been a while since you visited, let this be your reminder. And if you’ve never been, you should really check it out.

Maliwan | Facebook

Neighborhood: Pennsport • Cuisine: Thai and Laotian

Yenh Thivarath has just opened her newest concept in the old Khmer Kitchen space, and we’re all excited to check it out. It’s small, BYO and very intimate, with the menu focused entirely around Thirvarath’s Lao-Thai heritage and the foods she remembers from growing up.

Foolish Waffles | Facebook

Foolish Waffles
Neighborhood: Depends • Cuisine: Waffles

When I asked Alex Jones where she wanted to eat this weekend, it took her about a second to answer. Where she wants to go is wherever the Foolish Waffles truck is this weekend, “Because I wanna stuff my face with a giant waffle taco-ed around slaw and sauce and boneless fried chicken.” Hard to argue with that.

sushi philadelphia morimoto

Morimoto | Facebook

Chirashi, futomaki and some tea
Neighborhood: Everywhere • Cuisine: Sushi

It’s too hot right now to eat anything except raw fish and some rice. Conveniently, we just put out a list of all the best places in Philly to do that. Personally, there’s a dozen places on this list that I want to be going to right now, but the one I might actually get to is Bluefin. It has just been too long since I sat down at this bar, and I think it’s about time to remedy that.

Sweet Charlie’s | Facebook

Sweet Charlie’s
Neighborhood: Anywhere • Cuisine: Grown up rolled ice cream

There are a lot of places to get rolled ice cream in Philly now. And in the middle of August? You should really go to all of them, all the time. Just go from one to the other and try not to melt in between. The problem is, they’re all super busy and filled with sticky little children screaming their way through sugar highs and exhausted parents just counting down the days until everyone goes back to school. The solution? Sweet Charlie’s After Dark — a special adults-only service from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m., Thursday through Saturday, where they do a special menu full of boozy rolled ice cream flavors and don’t allow in anyone under 21.