Where to Eat This Weekend

Tapas, meatball pizza, and a very good hot dog.

best bars philadelphia

The Lunar Inn in Port Richmond. Photograph by Ted Nghiem

Here’s where the Foobooz team is going to be eating this weekend. Maybe you’ll find something that sounds interesting to you. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite restaurant. And maybe we’ll see you there.


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Neighborhood: Society Hill • Cuisine: Happy meals

Restaurant Week is still upon us, but this weekend we’re counter-programming a bit. Which is why Maddy is looking at a trip to Bloomsday for one of their “Adult Happy Meals.” What is an Adult Happy Meal, you ask? It is a dry-aged burger from Primal Supply Meats, a side of patatas bravas, a glass of lambrusco and a scratch-off ticket. All for $30–which is a better deal (and a better meal) than most of what will be being served elsewhere for CCRW.


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All the Steaks
Neighborhood: Everywhere • Cuisine: Red meat

Gonna be cold this weekend. Gonna be windy and (maybe) snowy and pretty gross. Know what you need? A nice, thick steak. We have a whole list of places that can do that for you — from the fanciest (and priciest) palaces of red meat to more humble purveyors. Check it out, pick your spot and settle in.


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Neighborhood: Center City • Cuisine: Spanish

Three words: Tapas. Brunch. Buffet. Twenty-five bucks. Eat ’til you burst. Plus (and again, this is important), you’ll miss the Restaurant Week crowds.


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Neighborhood: West Philly • Cuisine: Fried chicken and pizza

Know what? Clarkville does brunch in West Philly, too. But that’s not what I’m in the mood for. No, I’m going for the confit fried chicken and a meatball pizza. Or maybe some spaghetti and meatballs. I don’t know. But meatballs will be involved somehow. That, I’m sure of.


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Lunar Inn
Neighborhood: Port Richmond • Cuisine: Really good bar food

A Picnic Collins and a Lunar Dog. Just trust me. See you there.