Where to Eat Korean Food in Philly Right Now

All the spots to get your fill of Korean fried chicken, bibimbap, japchae, soft tofu stew and more.

Spicy chicken noodles from Pete’s Place, Peter Serpico’s Korean takeout restaurant | Photo by Leah Sprague

Philadelphia is lucky to have an actual Koreatown tucked up in the northern part of the city around Olney, in addition to a handful of great spots around the city. Many of the biggest, oldest Korean barbecue halls are closed due to COVID, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a world of noodles, chewy rice cakes, rich stews, and so much more out there to explore. Here, our favorite spots in the city to eat Korean food right now.

Pete’s Place, South Street
After shutting down Serpico for months during coronavirus, Peter Serpico transitioned his restaurant into a takeout and delivery-only Korean spot with a rotating menu that ranges from some of the best fried chicken in the city to rice cake fries with kimchi ketchup, plus excellent soups, noodle bowls, and stews. 604 South Street.


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Seorabol Center City, Center City 
Chris Cho, heir to the original Seorabol in Olney, opened his own spot in Center City. Fast forward a few years, and he’s a bona fide TikTok star. Become a student of his Korean cooking through his videos, and then experience the real thing by ordering from Seorabol Center City’s extensive takeout and delivery menu. 1326 Spruce Street.


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Buk Chon, Old City
Korean cooking includes some excellent cold weather comfort food dishes, and Buk Chon has one of the best: budae stew, a thick, warming broth chock-full of pork, beans, noodles and topped with melted cheese. 132 Chestnut Street.


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Southgate, Rittenhouse
Southgate describes itself as gastropub, which means you’ll find less straight-up Korean dishes and more Korean-inspired dishes likes kimchi fries, a bulgogi burger, and tempura-battered fish and chips. 1801 Lombard Street.


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BBQ Chicken, Upper Darby

Korean fried chicken any which way you want it — including their signature “Gangnam style” sauce—a spicy blend of chilis, leeks, garlic and loads of black peppers.


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So Korean GrillOlney 
Even without the option to dine-in and warm yourself (and cook some meat) over the in-table grills, So Korean has an extensive menu of stir fries, rice dishes, soups, stews, and crispy fried beef and vegetable dumplings. 6201 N Front St


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H Mart, Multiple Locations
It’s worth making a day trip out of the city to visit the H Mart that is closest to you just for their produce section, but most locations also have pretty large food courts with individual stands that each specialize in a different Korean classic, like fried chicken, japchae, and spicy seafood pancakes.


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Jong Ka Jib, Olney 
In the before times, Jong Ka Jib was a destination for its in-table charcoal grills and it’s variety of soft tofu stews. The charcoal grills have gone cold for now, but the stews, BBQ squid, and bibimbap will keep you warm until they return. 6600 North 5th Street.