The Wines of the Summer, According to Philly Wine Pros

Sparkling rosés, pet-nats from Lebanon, and the only red wine you should be drinking when the weather’s like this.

summer wines

Bloomsday owner Zach Morris picks an Italian as one of the best summer wines. | Photo provided

We’re nearing the end of August, somehow. Which means we’re nearing the end of summer, somehow. But as we’re all well aware, the weather — especially ’round these parts — pays no heed to the Roman calendar, and in Philly, it’s summer until it stops being hot outside. So let’s keep it rolling. We a compiled a list of wine bottles that will keep summer going strong. Wines as refreshing as lemonade, as interesting as those in your rich uncle’s cellar, as easy-drinking as they oughtta be in times like these. These are, according to nine wine professionals in Philly, the wines of the summer.


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Jill Weber

Owner of Jet Wine Bar and Garden

Couvent Rouge LebNat Gold
“I have drunk so much of this Lebanese pet-nat. It is really my go-to right now. Why? Most importantly, it is delicious. Perfect, long-lasting bubbles, great minerality, super refreshing, hint of a tropical fruit that I can’t place so I just keep drinking trying to figure it out. It is unfined and unfiltered, which adds a touch of heft. Also, importantly, it is from Lebanon, and wow, do they need our support right now. Finally, it has an awesome story: The Bekaa Valley — home to a wine-making tradition several millennia long — was home to criminally-organized cannabis production due the economic and social fallout from the Civil War of the ’70s and ’80s. The lands that these grapes are from were reclaimed from that illicit trade, and now support almost 300 grape growers in a cooperative.”

Zach Morris

Owner of Bloomsday, Fancy Wine Club

Denny Bini “Spuma” Lambrusco di Sorbara
“If ever there was a ‘summer wine’ it might wanna be a rosé, and it might wanna have some bubbles. Spuma has both! And Denny Bini is a top champion of the modern, sustainable movement in the region. This wine is bottle re-fermented and has plenty of natural nuance, but really nails it as a refreshment in the same way sour cherries do. It’s so darn fresh and tart and light on its feet. Not to mention it comes from the land of picnic-able foods, Emilia-Romagna. This thing was built for cured meats like prosciutto di Parma, mortadella and also for hard, salty snacking cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano and Grana Padano. Crusty bread, some olives, a nice, safely distanced picnic with friends and you’re on your way to the best summer wine experience you can get in a pandemic.”

Photo provided

Sande Friedman

Di Bruno Bros. beverage manager and Philly Wine Cru president

Edmunds St. John ‘Bone Jolly’ Gamay
“Every year Edmunds St. John ‘Bone Jolly’ Gamay is my favorite summer wine. We carry both the red and rosé gamay options. These minimalist wines come from a favorite old-school winemaker in the Sierra Foothills, and can appease both natural wine palates and those who prefer a more classic profile alike. Light, bright and precise, all these wines need are a good chill and your favorite cheese.”

Photo provided

Maureen Shannon

Bar manager at ITV

Mariotti Bianco Dell’emilia Smarazen
I’m a lover of natural wines — especially sparkling. I was delighted when I found one of my go-to’s at Fountain Porter in South Philly (they have an amazing selection), the Mariotti Bianco Dell’emilia Smarazen. It’s a blend of Trebbiano and Malvasia, native grapes to the Emilia-Romagna region. It’s refreshing, herbaceous, citrusy with a delightful savory, salty finish. Transports you to the beach!”

Photo provided

Frank Kinyon

Service and beverage director at

Weingut Rainer Sauer Silvaner
“It’s a super high-toned, high-acid and mineral dry German white with a touch of dry herbs. It is great on its own or with simply prepared summer vegetables.”


Chloe Grigri

Owner of Le Caveau and the Good King Tavern

Domaine Rimbert, Cousin Oscar
“I love chill-able, punchy reds all summer long (and beyond, really) and this Cinsault from the Languedoc hits the spot every time. It’s singing like a cold cherry cola on a hot summer day in 1970 (‘Now and Then’ style) with notes of crunchy cranberries, tomato leaf and white pepper. Chill it. Crush it. You won’t be sorry.

Photo provided

Etinosa Emokpae

Sommelier at Friday Saturday Sunday
La Agricola Cara Sur Criolla Chica Barreal, 2019
“I have been reaching for reds more this summer, surprisingly. My favorite right now is 2019 La Agricola Cara Sur Criolla Chica Barreal. It’s from Argentina and 100 percent Criolla Chica aka País. This wine is bursting with tart raspberry and rhubarb flavors. Also, it has amazing violet and eucalyptus aromas. With a chill, this wine drinks like a more structured rosé that you can have as an aperitif or with food.”

Photo provided

Terence Lewis

Beverage Director at Safran Turney Hospitality and Philly Wine Cru

Domaine Les Hautes Noëlles, Muscadet
“This summer’s extreme and oppressive heat has been coupled with dining outside only. This is a brisk and mineral-y wine thats lean, yet flavorful. Fights back the humidity with its low alcohol and citrusy fruits. Great outdoors-y wine that goes great with seafood and vegetables.”


Ray Gazdzinski

Wine Director at Vernick Food & Drink

Ameztoi’s Rubentis Rosé
“If you’re like me your summer isn’t truly complete without Ameztoi’s Rubentis Rosé and plenty of fresh seafood. Bright and refreshing with just a touch of effervescence. You can practically smell the sea, with pink grapefruit, tart strawberry, savory herbs and a dry, mineral finish.”