Where We’re Eating Right Now: Mexican Takeout and Delivery in Philly

Looking for a place to get Mexican takeout or delivery during the pandemic? We’ve got a few suggestions.

Tacos from Taqueria Morales is a great option for Mexican delivery during the coronavirus crisis | Photo by Ted Nghiem

Things are weird right now. We get that. But since no one can be expected to cook every meal at home during this emergency, we’ve got a list here that might help you out. If you’re looking for a Mexican restaurant that does delivery or takeout, that offers a product that travels well and is, of course, delicious, we’ve got some suggestions. Because these are the Mexican takeout and delivery options that we’re living on right now, so maybe you can, too.


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Nemi Mexican Restaurant, Port Richmond
Pandemic emergency: Need to make my own margaritas at home because all the bars are closed. Pandemic solution: Nemi, which is offering (virgin) margarita mix right alongside all the tacos, churros and enchiladas on its regular menu. You can get standard mix or fruit-flavored, and while it isn’t exactly cheap, cost becomes highly relative when you really want a margarita and don’t have the supplies to make your own mix. And seriously, what sounds better right now than one of Nemi’s duck confit taco kits for two and a couple of margaritas? Available on UberEats


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Cafe Ynez, Center City
Getting tacos delivered can be rough. They are a food item that kinda demands being eaten immediately, right there on the street or in the dining room. But one of the solutions to this conundrum might be getting meal kits delivered — which is exactly what Cafe Ynez is offering during these trying times. The brunch favorite transitioned fast to take-out and delivery service, operating off a reduced menu, but one of the things they’ve got on the board is a full-on “Family Meal” taco kit with everything from fried chipotle cauliflower to carnitas as filler, then guacamole, salsa, chips, tortillas, pico, lettuce, lime, cotija, rice and beans. It’s a nice weeknight lay-up of a dinner — especially now that tortillas are getting harder and harder to find through the grocery delivery services, and the prices vary depending on what protein you’re looking for. Available for pick-up or delivery on Caviar


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Don Barriga, West Philly
This place was already beloved in West Philly before the world fell apart. Now it’s even more vital because Don Barriga is keeping the neighborhood supplied with burritos, sopes, gorditas and chilaquiles — necessary staples of any good apocalypse. Because seriously, who wants to live through a global pandemic and nationwide lockdown if it can’t be done with a plate of nachos and a shrimp cocktail at the ready? Available on Grub Hub


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Taqueria Morales, South Philly
I loved this place when I reviewed it, but we never got a chance to post it online before everything went dark. So just take my word for it, okay? In a world as bleak as this one can sometimes be, we all need something to keep us happy. And the enchiladas suisas at Taqueria Morales will make anyone happy, even if just for a few minutes. The tacos dorados? Same thing. They might not travel all that well, but if the delivery comes quick enough that they still have some crunch? Pure joy. And while it might be a while before any of us can go, sit in the little dining room and hang out eating free chips and salsa while waiting for a plate of perfectly simple, perfectly perfect carnitas tacos, we can still capture a little bit of that happiness by getting delivery and dreaming about the day when we’ll all be able to get together for a meal again. Available on Grub Hub


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El Rancho Viejo, Queen Village
You want mole? Of course you do. So get on the internets and order the lamb chops in mole from El Rancho right now. Lamb chops, a killer house mole sauce, fried plantains, and some rice? That’s living, pal. That’s carpe-ing the goddamn diem. There are mole enchiladas, too, so maybe you should get both? And a couple cemitas for lunch, stuffed with al pastor, avocado, Oaxacan cheese and pineapple. And while the nachos probably won’t be very good after riding around in someone’s delivery bag, you can just skip ’em and get a couples ears of elote street corn instead. Available on Caviar


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Quetzally, Bella Vista
Considering the circumstances we’re currently living under, enchiladas and burritos are really going to be your best bet if you’re doing delivery. Chicken tinga enchiladas, shrimp and barbacoa burritos with avocado crema, all good choices and all available from Quetzally. But you want something a little bit different? The kitchen here also does big order of Mexican fried rice which is both excellent AND travels very well. So sure, get that big-ass burrito for lunch. But slap on an order of the rice, too, and you’ll have plenty to eat, plus leftovers to shove in your snack hole while you’re on the couch bingeing old Spiderman movies in your apocalypse sweatpants. Available on Grub Hub