Bloomsday’s Adult Happy Meals Are the Perfect Anti-Restaurant Week Stunt

Center City Restaurant Week is in full swing, but we're skipping it this (and every) year.

Courtesy of Bloomsday Cafe

We’ve said it before — we’re not big fans of Center City Restaurant Week. The deals are (sometimes) okay, but more often it’s a recipe for mediocre meals with less than ideal service. The change in price and menu means the front of house staff is running a different style of service – in some cases, it’s like working in a totally different restaurant — which can lead to a seriously bumpy evening. Then there’s the fact that in order to lower prices, many places serve food that’s not even on their normal menu, so you’re not really getting a taste of the full experience. But we, like everyone else, love a deal.

That’s why we’re heading to Bloomsday Cafe, one of our best bars of 2019, for their “Adult Happy Meal.” For $30, you get a glass of Lambrusco (a delicious dark red, sparkling wine from Italy), a dry-aged burger from Primal Supply Meats, patatas bravas, AND a scratch-off card. All that for less than the cost of a meal at a Restaurant Week spot, which, I might remind you, does not include drinks. Or scratch-offs.