Stock Rittenhouse Dresses Up Dinner Service

The restaurant now offers table service and dims the lights after 5 p.m., with new dinner-only dishes on the menu.

stock rittenhouse dinner menu philadephia

Whole fried dorade | Photo courtesy of Stock Rittenhouse

When chef-owner Tyler Akin opened Stock Rittenhouse last summer, its menu offered the Southeast Asian soups, sandwiches, noodles, and salads his Fishtown flagship is known for in a Center City-friendly, fast-casual-esque format: each dish included set elements, but guests could swap out proteins, order dishes vegetarian or vegan, and tweak spice levels to their taste.

All this holds true for luchtime at Stock Rittenhouse. But now, Akin has refined its dinner service a bit, introducing two new entrees, offering dinner specials, adding table service, and even dimming the lights in the evenings.

The changes, put in place last week, are the first steps towards a format for Stock Rittenhouse that’s more like Res Ipsa, the all-day cafe-slash-BYO Akin co-owns with the folks behind ReAnimator Coffee. There, breakfast, coffee, and lunch are served during the day; after 5 p.m., the spot transforms into one of the city’s top Italian restaurants, with reservations, waitstaff, and a killer tasting menu.

stock rittenhouse dinner menu philadelphia

Thai-style grilled chicken | Photo courtesy of Stock Rittenhouse

They’re basically converting the restaurant into a Res Ipsa model with Stock Fishtown as the evening concept. “It’ll be a gradual shift, and very BYO-friendly,” Akin said.

In addition to rotating evening-only specials and daytime offerings, the Rittenhouse location will now serve two new entrees during dinner: a half or whole Thai-style grilled chicken with som tam (green papaya salad) and sweet and sour sauce, and a whole fried dorade with pomelo and herb salad.

Dinner at Stock Rittenhouse runs from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. nightly — and they’re now offering outdoor seating during good weather, too.