Drexel Chef Conference Adds a New Panel Discussion on the Role of the Restaurant Critic

And they're bringing some big-shot food writers — Helen Rosner, Joshua David SteinStephen Satterfield and Priya Krishna  — to talk it out.

There’s the restaurant world pre-#MeToo, and there’s the world we live in today. So when it comes to delineating the role of the modern day restaurant critic, it’s now or never.

Back in January, Inquirer critic Craig LaBan published a piece titled “It’s not my job to pass judgment on a chef’s character”, which prompted a clap-back from the New Yorker’s Helen Rosner (read it below). A few days later, the Washington Post wrangled up even more examples of critics ’round the country pondering this new school of thought: How does a fair and just arbiter of food and drink critique a restaurant in 2018?

Since this year’s theme at the Drexel Chef Conference is sexism in the industry, program director Mike Traud has added a new panel discussion to Day 2 of the conference, and on it, Helen Rosner, Joshua David Stein (Village Voice), Stephen Satterfield (food writer) and Priya Krishna (food writer and author) will be debating all the responsibilities of a food critic today. LaBan won’t likely be a part of the powwow, but Traud says that, at the very least, he’ll have a question or statement from the Inky critic to start the session.

Buy your tickets to the conference here, and read Rosner’s Twitter-storm below: