Where to Eat This Weekend: Keeping Warm, Inside and Out

Here's a little bit of everything you need to stay warm, happy, well-fed and in the holiday spirit this weekend.

Photo by M. Fischetti for Visit Philadelphia

It’s snowing outside. The weather is bitterly cold. We’re going to need warmth, hearty food, melted cheese, fried potatoes and powerful drinks, in that order.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

What do Vedge, Wm. Mulherin’s Sons, Black Sheep, Martha and Guppy’s Good Times have in common? They’ve all got roaring fireplaces inside to keep you warm while you eat, drink and be merry. And they’re not the only places in town to warm up either. We’ve got an entire list of restaurants and bars with fireplaces, broken down by neighborhood and mapped for your convenience.

Sandwiches to See You Through

You know where we haven’t been in a while? Koch’s Deli in South Philly. But this just seems like the perfect weekend to roll in, order a hot, cheesy pastrami reuben, and then find a comfy stoop to eat it on (because Koch’s is take-out only). No matter how cold it gets outside, one of these sandwiches will keep your bones warm.

Melted Cheese is Better Than Warm Mittens

Seriously, why worry about what you’re wearing on the outside when you can stay warm from the inside by filling your belly with hot melted cheese? We’ve got two solid options here. First, there’s the very traditional raclette stand at Christmas Village where they shave the cheese right from a big wheel. And then there’s Good King Tavern, where on Sunday, from noon to midnight, they’re offering raclette, salt potatoes and ham for just $17.

Happy Hanukkah Everyone

On Saturday, Love & Honey (yeah, the fried chicken place in Fishtown) is celebrating the Festival of Lights with a fried latke special from 3pm-5pm. Also, you know what goes really well with latkes? Fried chicken.

The Best Kind of Advent Calendar is Alcoholic

If you haven’t made it down to ITV to experience their cocktail advent calendar, you really owe it to yourself to check it out. They’ve got three different guest bartenders coming in on Saturday to mix and pour Christmas-themed cocktails, and since just about everything they’ve done up to this point has been fantastic, you should really check it out before this years “Miracle In The Valley” comes to an end.

Bonus Round

Want a little bit more of the holiday spirit? We got you covered with this list of 13 of the most festive restaurants in Philly right now. We’re talking lights, decorations, music, art installations, a krampus mural, even an entire bar decked out in wrapping paper. Check it all out right here.