Taste the G.O.A.T. at Tria Taproom

They're serving exclusive La Cabra Brewing beers and stellar goat cheeses all day.


Goats are amazing animals. They’re epic climbers. They’re smart. And their milk makes great cheese.

So tonight, Tria Taproom is paying homage to this indispensable ruminant, highlighting a slate of goat’s milk cheeses and serving beers from Berwyn’s La Cabra Brewing.

But these aren’t just any beers, and these aren’t just any cheeses. The Taproom will be pouring exclusive La Cabra brews, that aren’t available anywhere else in Philly: Aleatory 2, a barrel-aged sour brown ale; Castor and Pollux, a low-ABV petite saison brewed with lavender; their Bourbon Pilot, a cask-conditioned coffee porter; and Hipster Catnip, an American IPA with resin and juniper notes.

And those beers are being paired with three world-class goat’s milk cheeses: Capri from Massachusetts-based Westfield Farm is a fresh, tangy chevre style with a note of citrus. StraCapra, a funky Italian washed rind, is like a goat’s milk version of Taleggio. And Spain’s Cabra al Vino — a rich, nutty wheel also known as Drunken Goat — gets a three-day soak in red wine, giving the rind a deep red hue.

The featured beers and cheeses are available at Tria Taproom today, December 5th, from noon till midnight.