Where to Eat This Weekend: Keeping Warm With Wonton Soup

Don't let the cold weather keep you inside this weekend. We've got five suggestions on where to stay warm inside and out.

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It is cold out there. And it’s going to stay cold through the weekend. And while I know that your instinct might be to stay inside, wrapped in blankets, watching movies and chain-eating cans of Beefaroni, may we humbly suggest that it is precisely weekends like this which are made for dining out.

Granted, it takes a special kind of restaurant to be worth going out in the cold for. It takes a special kind of dish, or a special kind of craving. So that’s what we’re talking about today. On a cold, cold day, what’s worth putting your coat on for?

And we’re starting with…


Ugly Duckling–the Blue Duck’s sister restaurant in Market East–is doing brunch now. Which is awesome because the Ugly Duckling already had a fun, weird menu full of things like chicken-fried duck breast and a big-ass chicken parm, and now they’ve added to it with a brunch list offering cookie dough pancakes with chocolate sauce, a pork roll burger with sriracha mayo and a fried egg, stuffed french toast or Black Mission figs with onion jam, arugula and honey over a Belgian waffle. That last one they call “Figgie Smalls,” which I think is funny. Also, it sounds delicious. You should go try it.

Soup Cures Everything

Weather like this? You need soup. And as of this week, Baology started serving chicken noodle wonton soup to their dine-in customers only. Oh, and also? They just started doing weekend lunch. ‘Nuff said, right?

Friday Night is Pizza Night

Philly has a lot of great pizza right now. A lot of super-authentic, rustic, artisan pizza. A lot of pizza that looks great in high-gloss magazine spreads. But sometimes all that authenticity can get a little exhausting and what you really want is a really great, old-fashioned, gooey, cheesy pizza. That’s what Pizza Dads (an offshoot of Pizza Brain) does. I’ve most recently heard it described as “Ninja Turtle pizza,” which I think is a fantastic way to describe that style of stretchy-cheese, sturdy-crusted neighborhood pie.

On Island Time

Poi Dog. I’m just gonna lay it out there. When the weather turns cold, you should go to Poi Dog. It’s basically a Hawaiian theme restaurant with excellent poke, massive plate lunches, killer mochi nori fried chicken with macaroni salad, Spam musubi and weird little Japanese donuts for dessert. Plus, it’s just one of the happiest restaurants in the city. The ukulele music probably helps a lot.

One Hot Tamale

PHL Assembled Kitchen (at the Philadelphia Museum of Art) is doing Mississippi hot tamales right now. If you’ve never had the Southern version before (or maybe, like me, just haven”t seen them since you were a kid), this is your chance. They’re smaller, filled with pulled pork, made with a grittier cornmeal, and simmered in seasoned stock rather than being boiled. Also, they’re delicious. And they come with a long, fascinating history that you can read all about right here before heading over to eat some right here in Philly.