Will BYOB and Ultimo Are Pairing Cuisine and Coffee

They're serving a coffee-infused menu with coffee pairings this Sunday.

One of the great joys of eating is finding something delicious to drink that enhances, rather than simply accompanies, your food. Diners are accustomed to doing this with wine, beer, cider, even spirits and cocktails.

But coffee? Chances are that the last time you drank coffee, it was paired with but a humble bagel, or perhaps a plate of everyday scrambled eggs.

Luckily, Will BYOB and Ultimo Coffee are ready to walk you through the art of pairing fine cuisine and coffee.

On Sunday, November 5th, Will and Ultimo will team up for a five-course coffee-inspired dinner, complete with coffee pairings.

In addition to dishes made with coffee by Will chef-owner Chris Kearse and his team, Ultimo’s coffee roaster, Kevin Smith, will walk guests through special coffee pairings for each dish, including information on the brew technique for each cup.

Sunday’s dinner is $65 per person, and there will beone seating at 5:30 p.m. Check out the full menu below, and call 215-271-7683 or email chef@willbyob.com to make your reservation.