New Happy Hour Menus at Suga

Which means wasabi hummus and chicken bao for everyone.



I did not love Suga when I reviewed it last year. It was confusing, inconsistent, and it didn’t seem to know exactly what kind of restaurant it wanted to be.

But you know what? I’ve never stopped thinking about the place. While a lot of restaurants I go to pass immediately into my rearview the minute I’m done reviewing them (because it’s always time to move onto the next and the next and the next), Suga did not. I was weirdly fascinated by the dishes (grilled asparagus with broccoli mousse, Shanxi pasta with lamb ragu, maitake mushroom ravioli) being done by Susanna Foo, her son Gabriel and the crew in their kitchen, and have never stopped wondering what they were going to try next.

Speaking of which…

A few months ago, Suga rolled out a whole bunch of new services. There was a dim sum brunch, a regular old happy hour (running Monday through Friday, 5-7pm) and a second, weekend late-night happy hour (Friday and Saturday from 10pm-midnight).

The new menus? They’re for both of the happy hours and include a dozen-odd food and drink specials. Some of the new stuff? Wasabi hummus. Kimchi chicken bao. And the deep-fried popcorn pork ravioli that existed on the original Suga menu and have haunted me ever since I first had them.

The kitchen has also added some new small plates to the regular dinner menu (like ma la beef tongue and pressed smoked tofu), but the real deals are during the multiple happy hours. You can check out the whole menu right here.

Happy Hour at SuGa


Drink Specials

House Beer $4
Junmai Ozeki Sake $5
Featured House White & Red Wine $6
Sparkling Susanna $7

Small Plates

Crispy Shrimp Spring Roll (1) $3
Scallion Pancake (4) $5
Spicy English Cucumber Salad$4
Tea Smoked Devil Eggs (2) $5
Wasabe Humus/Wonton Chip$5
Popcorn Pork Ravioli$5
Curried Chicken Dumping (5) $6
Tongpo Pork Bao Bun (2) $6
Kimchi Chicken Bao Bon (2) $6
Vegetable Fried Rice$6
Buckwheat Dan Dan Noodle (bowl) $7
Spicy Honey Chicken Nuggets$8

SuGa [f8b8z]