Stargazy Is Taking Over The Kitchen At Brigantessa For Family Meal

It's happening tomorrow night--an industry tradition open to cooks and civilians alike.

“Family Meal” is an institution at restaurants. It’s that meal, put together by the kitchen, for the entire staff, front and back of the house. In some places, it is a leisurely thing–eaten either before or after service, while sitting, with friends and comrades. In others, it’s a fast thing bolted down in the mad moments before the first tables are seated.

But once a month at Brigantessa, it’s something else completely.

On one Tuesday a month, Brigantessa is using the Family Meal format as an excuse to bring in a guest chef, give over control of the kitchen, and do a dinner for friends, neighbors, industry people and regular folks alike. This one–happening tomorrow, Tuesday, January 31st, from 9pm to 2am–will see Sam Jacobson from Stargazy taking over Brigantessa’s kitchen and Founders Brewing out of Grand Rapids, Michigan taking over three taps at the bar.

Jacobson will be doing all kinds of Stargazy-ish treats including shepherd’s pie dough balls, all-day breakfast pizza topped with English back bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms, black pudding, beans and Green Meadow Farm egg, and a “banofee stromboli” made with banana, dulce de leche, housemade banana-chocolate gelato and a pie crust crumble. Founders will be providing Breakfast Stout, Azacca IPA and All Day IPA Session Ale for the festivities. And while the normal 20% industry discount applies to the food and drink being served for this Family Meal, all are welcome to come and hang out.

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