Center City Restaurant Group Moving On Brewerytown

They're replacing an old corner bar with Otto's Taproom & Grille.



Between Crime & Punishment’s brewing operation, the new Flying Fish Craft House (with Bar Rescue‘s Brian Duffy as a partner) and SpOt Burger’s first brick and mortar location on West Girard Avenue, Brewerytown is going through a bit of a food and beer resurgence.

And now, with the announcement that Center City’s Tavern Group (Tavern On Camac, UBar, the Tavern Restaurant) is moving into the neighborhood with a restaurant and taproom, things there are only getting hotter. They’re taking over a space at 1216 North 29th Street that was once home to Sarah’s Place and, before that, Sara’s Place (no “h,” get it?). The deal was made with MSC Retail and MM Partners, who turned Sara’s Place into Sarah’s Place a couple years back when Brewerytown was first starting to turn around, then operated it until it closed.

Got all that?

Okay, so while the transition from Sara’s to Sarah’s was a rather hands-off kind of thing (keeping the place largely the bar it was), the new place, called Otto’s Taproom & Grille, is going to be a completely new animal. Over the next several months (the projected opening isn’t until the end of 2017), the Tavern Group is planning on doing a complete rebuild–styling the 2,200 square foot, three-story space like an early-century saloon and using it to pour local and international beers and to serve a simple menu of grilled items.

No word yet on menus, staff or a firm opening date, but the Tavern Group has got big plans and a lot of time on their hands to turn Otto’s into the bar and restaurant that Brewerytown needs.