SpOt Burger Rolls Out New Menu with Hot Dogs and Sweets

Spot Burger at 2821 West Girard Avenue | Photo by Arthur Etchells

Spot Burger at 2821 West Girard Avenue | Photo by Arthur Etchells

SpOt Burger which opened its brick-and-mortar storefront in Brewerytown back in January has rolled out the first major revision to its menu. The Best of Philly winning cheesesteak is there as well as the impressive Jawn and Sloppy Joe, as are the burgers that range from the SpOt burger with bacon, cheddar, pickles, coleslaw and SpOt sauce to the over-the-top Umami burger made with mushrooms, grilled onions, lettuce, ssamjang, pickled daikon, cucumber and teriyaki. New however is the of option mini beef or chicken burgers served with cheese,pickles and onions.

Also new on the menu, all beef hot-dogs that are listed as mild or hot. Those all-beef franks can also be dipped in batter and fried to order in what we’re certain is one of the best corn dogs around. Owner Josh Kim has also added some dessert options in case you didn’t over order to begin with. SpOt now offers ice cream floats with Bassetts ice cream and cookies from Sweet Box Boutique Bakery, another food truck that put down roots.

SpOt Burger continues to offer monthly specials. This week that means filet mignon cheesesteaks.

New SpOt Burger Menu

new spot burger menu

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