Wister Opening in Old City

An Old City BYOB that changes with the seasons.

“I’m writing the menu around ingredients that are exciting me,” said chef Benjamin Moore. “Right now, that happens to be late summer produce and seasonal fish.” Moore was a sous chef at Lacroix and before that was at Le Bec-Fin, Wister represents his first executive chef position.

On October 1st, the Old City BYOB will open to the public. Wister replaces 26 North at 26 North 3rd Street.

The restaurant will change its menu often. So if you don’t go until November, you will probably miss the heirloom tomatoes puff pastry ($14) and the melon with elderflower ($14). The good news, however, according to Moore, is “There’s always something new for our repeat diners.”

Wister Opening Menu


Summer Bean 12
Peach. Brown Butter. Hazelnut Miso.

Melon 14
Elderflower. Creme Fraiche. Proscuitto.

Baby Squid 14
Tamarind. Peanut. Bok Choy.

Zucchini 16
Clam. Marjoram. Rye. Lemon.

Heirloom Tomato 14
Puff Pastry. Feta. Olive. Basil.

Swordfish 18
Heirloom Beans. Chermoula. Lavash.

Organic Beet 12
Tender Lettuces. Walnut. Cana de Oveja.


Ora King Salmon 29
Heirloom Carrot. Lentil. Carrot Reduction.

Monkfish 28
Sungold Tomato. Bacon Hushpuppy. Crab Jus.

Cobia 27
Delicata Squash. Arugula. Sage Noisette.

Agnolotti 24
Maitake. Cippolini Jus. Kasha.

Fluke 28
Fennel. Muscat Grape. Verjus.

Berkshire Pork Chop 30
Offal Stuffed Potato. Hakuri Turnip. Rosemary.

Chicken for Two 55
Seasonal Vegetables. Lemon Lavender Jus.

Wister [Foobooz]