Bye Bye Hangover Brunch at Dock Street Brewery

You can wallow in your hangover at home or you can indulge it here.

Photo by Jeff Fusco for Visit Philadelphia

Photo by Jeff Fusco for Visit Philadelphia

Sometimes, life hands you some difficult decisions, and this weekend we have to make a really hard one: when we inevitably wake up with an excruciating hangover from Oktoberfest at Alla Spina (or from whatever our Saturday night plans happen to be), will we brave techno and deep house music for the reward of hand-tossed brunch pizzas, biscuits, craft beer and “beerdrivers” at Dock Street Brewery?

This event runs from 12pm-4pm and includes $20 brewdriver pitchers (editor’s note: Can we come together on the beer plus orange juice brunch name? We know it’s kind a shandy but for brunch we do like heffemosa or beermosa, beerdrivers, not so much. And another thing, is this just a Philly thing? At a bachelor party in Denver, the terms received blank looks and I retreated to ordering an orange juice and wheat beer separately.) and a modified brunch menu. And while you consume these doctor-recommended hangover cures, there will be music reminding you why they are worth the calories.

One of the DJs, John Tordini, is a South Philly native and bi-weekly broadcaster on deep house lounge. David Alexander, another performing at the event, focuses on “soulful house and deep techno sounds” and “serves up rare grooves ranging from Detroit house to Romanian minimal and Brazilian boogie.” Whatever that means.

We say it’s worth it.

When: Sunday September 25th, 12-4pm
Where: Dock Street Brewery, 701 S 50th Street