Whiskey Bonanza at The Twisted Tail

It's time to celebrate bourbon, and everyone's invited.

If you are politically engaged and well informed, you already know that Congress declared September National Bourbon Heritage Month in 2007. And now The Twisted Tail, the southern-inspired restaurant, bar, and live music venue, is celebrating this with their 3rd annual Whiskey Bonanza–a whiskey tasting event featuring over 60 whiskeys, a southern pig roast, and live music.

This event is for everyone—from people who have never even given scotch a try to people who are already in the official Bourbon Club, which grants members advanced notice of events, discounts, a glass engraved with their name set behind the bar, and 20% off all whiskey this month. “Attendees may discover a new interest or find that they actually like drinking scotch,” said owner George Reilly.

If you’re a bourbon connoisseur, you’ll attend the exclusive VIP happy hour from 6 to 7pm, which will feature “less common, noteworthy whiskeys not available during the main event.” And, if you’re a true connoisseur, you’ll regale fellow attendees with yarns about why it is significant that the barrel-aged version of Jefferson’s Ocean is “aged at sea.” (We wouldn’t mind knowing the answer to this one ourselves.)

But if you’re being dragged to this event by your bourbon-loving boss or significant other, don’t worry. This event celebrates more than just expensive fermented grain mash. Chewy’s Food Truck, which specializes in burgers, BLTs, and other food that is both alcohol-absorbent and universally appreciable will be at your service from 8-10pm. There will also be a bartending contest with a cash prize to determine who can concoct the best original whiskey cocktail. Attendees will will sample these and vote for their favorite.

The 4-year-old Bankers Club Blended Whiskey with Canada Dry Ginger Ale will probably get my vote.

When: 7-10pm, Thursday September 22nd
Where: 509 S 2nd St
Price: $60 general admission, $75 for VIP

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