Midtown Village’s Tiki in Photos

Tiki is getting close to opening its doors on 13th Street.

Mural at Tiki | All photos by Chelsea Portner

Mural at Tiki | All photos by Chelsea Portner

Tiki, the Midtown Village Tiki bar by Jason Evenchik (Vintage, Time, Bar, Garage and Heritage) and his longtime manager at Time, Tim Heuisler, is getting set to open. The bar, which will offer 13 Tiki drinks and a tight menu of Pacific Rim bites (all edible using chopsticks or fingers) is opening to open in a week to ten days. It would be nice if they could make it open in time for National Mai Tai Day on Thursday, but we will see.


The former APO/Apothecary/The Corner/etc. has been brightened up and the impressive staircase has been opened up. The downstairs layout remains but with a mix of low top and high top tables instead of banquettes and the exposed kitchen is now doing double duty as a bar as well as kitchen. The Wall by the staircase is decorated with tiki heads and a tropical mural painted by Good Dog bartender and artist Richard Pastor is opposite the open kitchen/bar.

Upstairs the bar remains at the top of the stairs but is now adorned in bamboo. Tiki’s best feature is likely the roof deck. An amenity that few Philadelphia restaurants have and the past tenants of the building at 13th and Drury maddeningly never seemed to take full advantage of. Tiki plans to make the deck a better spot to see and be seen. Heuisler pointed out to us that the former bars had low top tables on the roof deck, so guests could never see out to the bustling street below.

Tiki in Photos


Wall of Tiki masks

tiki drinks chelsea portner 940

Tiki drinks


Tiki’s roof deck


Roof deck table details


Downstairs bar and kitchen


Tables by the front window


Upstairs bar

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