Rittenhouse Row’s Spring Festival Preview Party Is Coming Up

Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival

On May 4, from 7-9:30pm, the folks behind the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival will be throwing their annual Preview Party at the Westin Hotel ballroom.

There’s going to be food, there’s going to be booze, there’ll be a silent auction and samples and, I don’t know… Fashion-y things (because it’s Rittenhouse, so there kinda has to be, right?). But the food and the booze is what we care about here, so let’s focus on that, shall we?

Some of the best restaurants in Rittenhouse will be participating this year, and they’ll be bringing along their bartenders, too. That means a. Bar and a. Kitchen will be there, Barclay Prime and Butcher & Singer, Jose Garces’s Alma de Cuba, Village Whiskey, Tinto and Bar Volver will all be present, and Bar Bombon for the vegans. The Dandelion will be covering the British pub food. The Continental will be doing its thing. Parc and Rouge and Lacroix are on the list, as is DiBruno Bros and Termini Bros.

And that’s not even the full list. Liquor is being provided by Ketel, Bulleit and Don Julio. Blue Moon is covering the beer. And seriously, if you’re into hanging out with Philly’s swells, this is really your big chance. We’ve checked it out in years past, and it really is kind of like a non-stop VIP party at any of the other food festivals in town.

So if you’re down, you can get your tickets right now. They’re running $75 per person, and you can get them at the link below (which also has a complete list of all the restaurants and boutiques and everything else that’ll be happening).

Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival Preview Party [Tickets]