While Supplies Last: Yards/La Colombe/Shake Shack Collaboration Coffee Stout

Don’t you love when a plan comes together? Well, here’s a plan that would have been 20 years in the making … if any of the planners had actually thought of it 20 years ago.

Wait, what?

Today at 11am, Tom Kehoe of Yards, Todd Carmichael of La Colombe and Danny Meyer of Shake Shack released  a limited-edition coffee stout at the brewery, the Fishtown coffee café and the three Philly locations of the burger joint. Evidentially, Yards and La Colombe first opened on the same week two decades ago, and Meyer was one of La Colombe’s early customers. Isn’t that sweet?

What’s sweeter is that the trio will donate $2 from each $5.75 pint to Mural Arts, the Center City Shake Shack’s official charitable partner. Considering most bar and restaurant accounts generally donate no more than $1 per pint to charity during a special event, this donation seems pretty generous.

The beer, simply called “Coffee Stout,” uses La Colombe beans from Haiti that Carmichael says lend “bright notes of lavender, orange and caramel” to the flavor. Notably, farmers grew the beans with support from the Haiti Coffee Academy, a project that La Colombe co-founded in 2013 with the Clinton Foundation.

Sounds like one of those win-win-win-win-win plans, no matter how long ago it was conceived.

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