New Multi-Course Cocktail Tasting Menus For The Franklin Bar

Plus a little something for the fancy-pants drinker in all of us.

This is the time of year when literally everybody in town jumps on the fancy wagon. Champagne toasts, tasting menus, prix fixe options…you get the idea. Because that’s right folks, we’re in an official count-down to New Years Eve.

Thing is, plenty of places around town are already plenty fancy–and fancy in the way that Philly goes for more than one night a year. The Franklin Bar’s tasting menus are the prime example, and now they’re offering some new options to calibrate your desired level of fanciness. The cocktail spot, helmed by Sara Justice, now has two different tasting menu options, a three-course and a five-course, plus a list of reserve cocktails made with rare and top-shelf spirits.

The three-course tasting, currently called “Juicy” is $35 and features three cocktails inspired by different varieties of apples, all by Jon Bamonte. The five-course tasting is $60 and it’s currently a round-up of the Frankin’s greatest hits. Light, bright sippers like the Ego Trippin’ with gin, coconut, pineapple, lime and Thai-spiced bitters; to the full and funky Riddles in the Dark with Pedro Ximenez sherry, rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, amaro, cherry, and Moroccan bitters.

Where things really get exciting though it with The Franklin’s new reserve cocktail menu. Now’s your chance to try thoughtfully calibrated versions of your favorite cocktails gilded with extra-special spirits. A daiquiri made with 18-year-old Panamanian rum, and old fashioned mixed with extra anejo tequila, or a vieux carre that really is vieux: 30 year old cognac, rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and benedictine. These reserve cocktails made with top shelf liquors aren’t cheap, it’s true (a single drink will run you $30), but figure the cost of the base spirit into the finished drink and you’ve still got something special on your hands.

If you are looking to make NYE cocktail-drinking plans, The Franklin is featuring their seven-course Dutch Country Memories menu inspired by Pennsylvania Dutch flavors. Tickets are $150 and include some snacks throughout the evening to keep you going. Naturally, there will be the obligatory champagne toast once the clock strikes midnight.

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