Twi-Lite Lounge Under Contract

Photo via Yelp

Twi-Lite Lounge | Photo via Yelp

Loco Pez owner Joe Beckham confirmed with us today that he and his partners are under contract to take over Robert’s Twi-Lite Lounge at the corner of 20th and Bainbridge.

Beckham says that the concept is still up in the air but that it will be a restaurant. The scope will come as they get inside the building and can understand what the building can support. Beckham is also keen on neighborhood feedback, a wise move as just a half-block away, neighbors fought to prevent the Pub & Kitchen team from opening an all-day cafe back in 2011. That battle ended with the neighbors quietly buying the building for themselves.

The Twi-Lite property will be a different situation from the P&K team’s Bedford Cafe, as the building is currently operating as a bar. Beckham tells us he’s already reached out to several neighbors who seem excited to see the Twi-Lite get new life.

The bar is a one-story cinderblock building with a long bar and arched openings for storing alcohol. Like Loco Pez before it was renovated, it’s a dive bar with some character.

The Twi-Lite was once viewed as a nuisance bar in the neighborhood, but in recent times has developed a reputation for a good spot to end your evening with one or more cheap drinks. Owner Elizabeth Roberts has had the Twi-Lite since 1972. She’s expected to retire when the sale goes through.