The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


Summer is showing no signs of slowing, especially this week. August 2nd through 8th is National Farmer’s Market Week, so there is all kinds of goodness going on in the week ahead. This Sunday, a little burrito stand called Chipotle will be on hand at Headhouse Farmer’s Market distributing $5 vouchers to be used at the vendor of your choice (and also buy-one-get-one burrito cards), and they’ll be doing the same at Clark Park on Thursday, August 6th. Common Ground Marketplace this Sunday will feature live DJs, bike demos, and other workshops. And, as always, Philly’s local produce will be on fleek.

Dragons Tongue Romano Beans – Though the look like borlotti beans in their pods, the entirety of these juicy beans is edible. Think of juicy romans or fat string beans, except yellow with purple streaks. Try these heirloom beans from Savoie Organic Farm at headhouse.

Lima Beans – Love ‘em or hate ‘em, fresh limas are joining the line-up at Eden Garden (Clark Park). If you buy them shelled, good for you. Find them with still in their pods? Pick-up way more than you think you’ll need and get the compost bin ready. Those shells are hefty.

Lemon Balm – A fragrant herb with an uncanny lemon aroma, lemon balm is starting to show up at the Common Ground Market from Philly Urban Creators, and at plenty of other farms as well. Brew it into a lemony sun tea, or make a cocktail.

Elderberries – Last week at Clark Park, Primordia Mushroom Farm had a small stash of locally-foraged elderberries. No guarantees on whether or not they’ll have more this week, but if you are crazy about cordials it might be worth stopping by to see if they can hook you up.

Honeydew Melon – So often the saddest part of a fruit salad in the hotel breakfast buffet, when honeydew is good it’s really frickin’ good. Tender, juicy, and unbearably sweet. Look for it from Shenk’s Berry Farm (Clark Park).

Early Apples – Don’t look, but the apples have begun. Yes folks, smack in the middle of peach season the Early Golds have joined the line-up from Eden’s Garden at Clark Park and the Pristine’s have begun for Three Springs at Headhouse. These early apples tend to be on the tart side, but exceptionally juicy and refreshing.