Hey Game Of Thrones Fans, Wanna Drink With The Mountain?

Because if you do, the actor who plays him, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, is going to be making an appearance at Devil’s Den tomorrow night. And Devil’s Den is preparing for his arrival by stocking up on beer. Lots and lots of beer.

So why is Gregor Clegane coming to Devil’s Den? Probably because, at six-foot-nine and 400 pounds, he can pretty much go wherever he wants.

But also because Björnsson is in town to play the part of Thor (natch) at Philly’s Renaissance fair in Fairmount Park this weekend and he needs something to do on Thursday night.

Anyway, the crew at Devil’s Den are bringing in all the Game of Thrones-inspired beers they can find for the event, including Barren Hills’ “North Of The Wall” (a white IPA brewed with a wild strain of yeast) and Ommegang’s black saison, Three Eyed Raven.”

The Mountain That Rides will be there from 5-6pm. I’m pretty sure he’ll be an easy guy to pick out of the crowd.

Devil’s Den [official]