Shroom Dinner at Kensington Quarters

I was always warned against eating mushrooms because ” like, that stuff will blow your mind, man.” But on Thursday, April 30th, Kensington Quarters is partnering with Mycopolitan Mushroom Co. to prepare a 5-course, $75 per person (with wine pairings), mushroom themed dinner (don’t worry- it’s the normal kind of mushrooms. Disappointed? Join the club.)

Mycopolitan Mushroom Co., which wins the award for most fun name to say out loud, is located in Fishtown (right near Kensington Quarters) and is actually Philadelphia’s first mushroom farm. A representative from Mycopolitan will be at the dinner so you can get all your burning mushroom questions answered.

The menu includes mushrooms in each course and because it is spring, ramps; and because it is Kensington Quarters, filet mignon.

Mushroom & Asparagus Salad
Smoked, Pickled, Raw

Mushroom Tartine
Sourdough, Ricotta, Grilled Ramps

Mushroom Lasagna
Yellow Springs Goat Cheese, Peas

Filet Mignon
Mushrooms, Red Wine, Blue Cheese

Chocolate Panna Cotta

Soil, Mushroom Gelee

Email to make your reservations and get your shroom on.

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