Celebrate National Empanada Day

If this doesn't make you want to celebrate you're dead inside

If this doesn’t make you want to celebrate you’re already dead inside

If you didn’t read that headline in a Billy Mays voice then go back and read it again.

Are you back? Wonderful. Tomorrow, Wednesday Apr. 8, is National Empanada Day and if you’re not celebrating you’re not doing it right. Get your empanada on at Cuba Libre or Gavin’s Cafe (or, por que no las dos?).

Cuba Libre is selling empanadas for $1 each during happy hour (5-7pm) tomorrow, as well as hosting an empanada making class on Monday, Apr. 14. Learning how to make your own empanadas is crucial because it’s like the whole give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish he’ll eat forever situation (just replace fish with empanadas). You can also go empanada crazy with Cuba Libre’s black lobster empanadas, which are on sale for $9 each throughout April.

Gavin’s Cafe is celebrating by offering a deal where you can get any two empanadas for $5. You can choose between spinach, beef, corn, chicken, ham, and chimichurri. Check out their Facebook event here!


Please enjoy this gif of a dancing empanada to get a sense of how excited I am for this holiday

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