Philly Wine Week: A 12-Pack Of Wine Week Deals

A standard case of wine holds 12 bottles, and since we’re already a couple of days into Philly’s second-ever Wine Week, we checked in with Alexandra Cherniavsky, Beverage Manager at Amada, to get her take on a dozen Wine Week bargains not to be missed.

If you don’t know a thing about wine… Cherniavsky recommends checking out Panorama on Wednesday for Wines from Washington State. Not only are these wines easy to appreciate, 8 wines for $35 is a great deal.

If you’ve ridden the Tour de Franzia… Check out the Tour de France Crash Course at Vintage. Make your way through the major regions and grape varietals of France at your own pace for a step up from the Tour de Franzia.

If you’re already a connoisseur… We’re sure you already have your reservations. But if not, there are several opportunities to really delve into specific regions and meet experts face to face. At the top of Cherniavsky’s list for a splurge? Thursday’s dinner and Salon du Vin at Townsend with some of the most noteworthy women in wine in Philadelphia. The event will honor natural wine advocate and writer Alice Feiring, joined in conversation by Lauren Harris (Townsend), Mariel Wega (, Gordana Kostovski (Volver), Chloé Grigri (The Good King Tavern), and wine importer Megan Storm (Artisan’s Cellar). And if you’ll miss dinner because you work in the industry, stop by the afterparty with the same crowd at The Good King from 11 to 2.

If you’re not ready to shell out for the full Salon… meet Feiring for a free Tète-À-Tête at a.Bar from 12:30 to 1:30 before the Salon even begins.

If you’re usually a beer drinker… There are a few beer vs. wine events, but reserve your space now for tonight’s cage match between Johnny Medlinsky and David McDuff at Alla Spina. Medlinsky, the king of beer at Khyber Pass Pub, and McDuff, representing Bowler Wines, “know their stuff,” says Cherniavsky, so attendees are likely to see a no holds barred match where they each “pull out weird crap.” Plus, at $65 for four courses plus two pairings with each, it’s looking like a crazy good deal as well.

If you wanna be a jet setter… Use Wine Week as an opportunity to sample a flight instead of sticking to a glass or two. All week at the bar at Fork you can try a flight of either three ($25) or five ($40) wines from a different region each night. Cooperage Wine & Whiskey has bargain flights for $14. Vintage is doing cheese and wine together for only $25.

If you love the suds… Volver is offering flights of bubbles for $20, with a $30 upgrade to focus on Champagne specifically.

If you’re bringing your mom… Take her to Paradiso tomorrow night for Old World vs. New World, Italy vs. California. Two pours each of chardonnay and pinot noir, her faves, one from each place. And so mama doesn’t get too tipsy, each will be paired with a small bite. For only $25, you’re not gonna be able to buy a better early Mother’s Day gift.

If you go out for just one night of wine week… It should be Wednesday. Muscat Madness at a.Bar, sherry at Jamonera and with Tim Kweeder at Bardot, Wine & Foodie Quizzo at Meritage, and even a free tasting from Auburn Road Winery at Pinot Boutique. You can’t go astray on #winewednesday

If you love a tasting… Check out Pinot’s line up of free, guest-hosted tastings throughout the week.

If you’re up for an adventure… Check out Jet Wine Bar’s potentially awesome (and potentially awful) tasting of wines from near Route 66 on Saturday afternoon. These are wines from Ventura, Lubbock, Flagstaff, and Albuquerque–definitely not the places that come to mind first when talking wine. “I haven’t had wine from most of those places,” says Cherniavsky, they’re ”SO off the beaten path…it’s going to be fantastically fun no matter how it turns out.”

If you’re just going to hang out at one place all week… It’s gotta be Alla Spina. Every night there’s a different event and all week long they’re offering five dollar pours of vermouth, madeira, and sherry, wine’s cooler, older sisters.

Philly Wine Week [Official]