Meat Week: 5 New Offerings At La Divisa Meats


Back in January, the stand that formerly housed Border Springs Farm lamb changed hands, landing in those of the butcher who was already running it. When he took ownership, Nick Macri re-christened the shop La Divisa Meats.

His first move was to add some variety to the case, so in addition to Border Springs’ lamb, the shop now offers pork from Hamburg, PA-based Country Time Farm and grass and milk-fed veal from Birchrun Hills Farm in Chester Springs, PA. Why is this great news for Philly eaters? Because they needn’t plan a trip all the way to Kensington Quarters to access fresh cuts of local, pasture-raised meats butchered with care. Additionally, Macri’s culinary background means that, even though his dry-cured salumi won’t be ready for a bit, he’s bringing some serious interest to charcuterie and adding ready-to-cook options for those looking for convenience. Here are our picks for new meats to add to your grocery list next time you head to Reading Terminal.

1. Porchetta di Testa – You’ll see porchetta in a few forms throughout the city. There’s the family reunion-ready whole pig variety that Esposito’s makes down on 10th street, and then there’s the pared down restaurant variety you’ll find at Le Virtu. Add to your bucket list this version, made from the meat from a pig’s face, brined and then roasted, a rich treat in texture and flavor. If you’re put off by the whole face thing, Macri also makes a porchetta of loin wrapped in belly.

2. Paté – La Divisa’s pate game is on fleek, with a variety of offerings and seasonings. Check out options like veal, pork and mushroom, or lamb with pistachio. A few pickles, a little shallot, and a baguette will make a nearly effortless meal.

3. Canitas – Convenience food at its best! La Divisa’s carnitas are slow cooked pork ribs, seasoned with cilantro and coriander and cooked until everything is meltingly tender. Carnitas plus tortillas and a hot frying pan equal a killer dinner.

4. Cotto Salami – Cotto is the answer when you’re tired of waiting for the salami to cure. This version, like a traditional mortadella, is cooked, bit it still sports the punchy flavors of black pepper and ginger. Thinly sliced and served cold you’ll never miss the other stuff.

5. Pork Roll – Oh yes, you New Jersey people, you. Lightly spiced and lightly sweet, folks raised on Taylor Pork Roll can now adorn their breakfast sandwiches with a local option. You’re welcome.

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