The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


After a doozy of a snow day and piles of slush still lingering, the weekend ahead–with projected high temperatures above freezing and a sunshine-heavy forecast–is going to feel downright balmy. Since we’re sure you’ve already binge-watched enough Netflix and eaten enough calories for the weekend before it has even begun, tomorrow should be an excellent day to stretch your legs and head down to the farmer’s market…

La Divisia Meats – Nick Macri has plans to step away from his new stand at Reading Terminal – avoiding Flower Show attendees, perhaps? – to set up shop outside tomorrow at the Rittenhouse Market. Expect a variety of both cooked and cured charcuterie at his table.

Hams & Lambs – Canter Hill Farm will be at the Chestnut Hill and Bryn Mawr markets tomorrow, and while they’ve still got a nice supply of sausage, chicken, and lamb, their season is juuuust getting started so they won’t have any fresh cuts available this week. That said, they’re already accepting holiday pre-orders of ham, duck, and lamb for Passover and Easter, so if you’re hosting, now’s the time to place an order.

Citrus Goodies – Even though citrus fruits don’t grow locally the winter months are citrus season in warmer climates. Lucky for us, Green Aisle is whipping up goodies like hibiscus blood orange marmalade, and gingered Meyer lemon curd for us to enjoy.

Mushrooms – Most local mushrooms are grown indoors, which means that they were far less fazed by this week’s harsh weather than their human caretakers. Davidson’s Exotic Mushrooms will be at Bryn Mawr and Rittenhouse tomorrow with a variety of maitake, cremini, portobellos, oyster, and shiitakes.

Pink Lady Apples – Though apple vendors like Hands on the Earth (Rittenhouse), Beechwood (Rittenhouse) and Eden Garden (Clark Park) still have plenty of varieties of fruit available, it’s worth seeking out the pink ladies. Their dense, white flesh and pleasant tartness means that they’re an excellent storage apple, so they’ve still got a cold crispness that can start to wane in other varieties this many months after harvest.