What To Eat (And Drink) At The Philadelphia Flower Show

Check out what food vendors will be serving at this year's Flower Show.

PHS Cider | Photo by HughE Dillon

PHS Cider | Photo by HughE Dillon

This year, the Philadelphia Flower Show‘s theme is “Celebrate The Movies” and they’ve taken their inspiration from Disney and Pixar films— which has been causing quite a bit of excitement among the sorts of people who can get excited over garden displays inspired by Finding Nemo.

But if you’re not the type of person who gets excited over flower displays shaped like clown fish, talking rats or Disney princesses, fear not. There’s other attractions you can check out if you find yourself at the Flower Show–and many of them have to do with food. Or booze. Or both. Which is awesome.

There are plenty of Flower Show food and drink options to choose from and each vendor has their own movie theme. Here’s a list of what they’ll be serving.

At The PHS Pop-Up Beer Garden

One of everyone’s favorite pop-ups is back and moving inside for the flower show. A red carpet lined with palm trees will lead you to the garden (and the drinks) towards the back of the venue. And this year, they’ll be pouring the new PHS Horticulture Hard Cider along with beer from local breweries like Yards and Victory (plus domestics like Miller Lite and Sam Adams). You can also grab some grub at the Garden, including burgers, brisket po’ boys and popcorn chicken. Our suggestion to you? Use the PHS Beer Garden as a rally point for your day at the Flower Show. As in “No, that’s all right. You guys go and check out that azalea bush that looks like Cinderella. I’m gonna go this way and we can meet back at the Beer Garden when you’re done.” And then head directly for the beer garden.

The Dusty Saddle Saloon

The western-movie-inspired saloon will serve both adults and youngsters, offering burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches and chicken fingers.

The Malt Shop

This shop is an ode to late, great Hollywood actors, serving burgers (are we sensing a theme here?) named after Marilyn Monroe, Ginger Rogers and Rita Hayworth, plus gourmet hot dogs with names like the Fred Astaire, the Cary Grant and the Paul Newman. (Hey, is it just us, or are all the hot dogs named after dudes…?) The Malt Shop will also be serving Best Supporting Actor fries (garlic and herb seasoned) and Best Supporting Actress fries (tangy BBQ seasoned). Which…sure. Why not?

Emerald City Diner

If you’re not craving a burger, check out this “Wizard of Oz”-themed diner for a grilled salmon BLT, carved turkey sandwich, roast beef sandwich or a grilled chicken parmesan. Which is exactly what Dorothy and Toto ate back in Depression-era Kansas, where grilled salmon BLTs were everywhere.

Legends Speakeasy

Go ahead and leave the kids back in Oz. The Overlook Cafe and Lounge in the Convention Center will turn into a speakeasy featuring foods like fried oyster po’ boy sliders with scotch bonnet aioli, and rosemary truffle fries. Also, we’re guessing there’ll probably be booze there.

Garden Tea

For lighter fare, Garden Tea will offer tiny sandwiches, adorable pastries, fruit and, of course, tea. Seatings will only be offered twice a day, at 12:30 pm and 3:45 pm, but it’s the perfect place to take a break from the crowd and noise of the show and chill out like a proper English lady (or gentleman).

DiBruno Brothers

DiBruno is going with a “Godfather” theme for the Flower Show. It will serve turkey and brie Napoleon, chicken pastina soup and other assortmented sandwiches and salads.

Fine Wine & Good Spirits Store

When you just can’t take anymore flowers, check out the tastings that will be held here, as well as the on-site store. You can also catch some celebrity appearances, like Ethan Wayne signing bottles of Duke Bourbon on February 28 and Dan Aykroyd and his Crystal Skull Vodka on March 6.

Garden to Table Studio

And hey, if you’re inspired by all the hamburgers and Kansas salmon, you can also check out cooking demonstrations at the Garden to Table Studio, which will take place every two hours, starting at 11:30 and running until 7:30. There will be classes, recipes, surprise chef appearances and more.

And while this might already seem like an awful lot of food and booze for an event focused primarily on flowers, there are still more vendors to check out, like:

  • Ben and Jerry’s (who, we’re guessing, will be serving ice cream)
  • Java City Coffee 
  • Garces Trading Co. (They’ll be at the show on Sunday only, offering snacks and cocktails)
  • Termini Brothers (who will be running a sushi bar. No, just kidding, they’ll be selling pastries)
  • Movie Candy
  • Doc Popcorn

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