The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


By now, we’ve all pretty much given in to winter. We’ve settled for the idea that it’s just going to be cold and slushy forever and we’ve lost all hope of ever seeing a tomato again. But just when we’ve given up, we get a little reminder that it won’t always feel like this outside. Tomorrow, February 28th, is National CSA Sign-Up Day! Though summer, and even spring, still seem ages away, farmers are already beginning preparations for the season ahead. So get a jump on the season and sign up for one of our favorite CSA’s. That way, when you bundle up to pick-up the following tomorrow at your winter farmer’s market, you can do so while daydreaming of tomatoes.

Hydroponic Lettuce – This year’s cold temperatures have meant that even growers who would typically have greens are throwing up their hands, but Forest View Bakery at the Clark Park market has heads of delicate hydroponic lettuce grown inside.

Onions– Maybe it’s obvious to say, but onions are one of the best veggies in the winter line-up and Rineer Family Farm at Rittenhouse still has a supply of them. Sweat them down into a caramelized tangle to eat with pierogies, or pick up some pasture-raised beef bones to make a stock and the best onion soup ever.

Dandelion Greens– Bracingly bitter and crazy good for you, Landisdale has fat bunches of dark dandelion greens at Clark Park. Though many dark greens do fine in salad, dandelions you’ll want to plan on cooking. While some people like their intense bitterness with just a simple sauté, blanching them first cuts down on their pungency.

Mini Potatoes – Eden Garden at Clark Park has cute little mini Yukon Gold taters available. We like them scrubbed well, salt-roasted and served with a garlicky aioli…and maybe a pile of sautéed dandelion greens…

Stoudt’s Goods – Though most know Stoudt’s for their beers, they also have a line of breads and cheeses that they sell at the Wonderful Good Market. Though not a weekly vendor, they’re popping up every so often at the Chestnut Hill Market, so if you’re heading that way this weekend stop by and try one of their artisan breads or pastries and some of their cheeses!