Tom Culton Inexplicably Kicked out of Headhouse Market

Tom Culton, the celebrity farmer behind Culton Organics, sent out a cryptic tweet on Feb. 9 about how Culton Organic Produce will no longer be available at the Food Trust’s Headhouse Farmer’s Market.

Culton’s heirloom produce is a favorite at many of Philadelphia’s big names restaurants, including Osteria, Vetri and Zahav, and some in New York as well (such as Thomas Keller’s Per Se).

According to Culton, the Food Trust uninvited him back to the market for the upcoming season with neither warning nor explanation.

“There was no talk before they ejected me, they hadn’t approached me at all. I hadn’t spoken to anybody since the last day of Headhouse which was the day before Christmas, and then when I asked them to tell me why they wouldn’t give me an answer. And they hung up the phone,” Culton Said.

The Food Trust declined to comment on the matter, but emphasized that they wish Culton the best.

In terms of future plans, Culton could not specify what he planned to do, but assured us that he is taking his rock star farming in an innovative direction–possibly, “partnering with street vendors, restaurants,  and artists, definitely in Philadelphia.”

Culton stressed that while the Food Trust ejection is an emotional blow, he won’t let it faze him.

In his words: “I’m not going to let it fuck with me connecting with the people who have had my back throughout these last seven years. They’ve made me a better farmer and I’m going to keep striving. It’s not going to fuck with my passion. You cant faze me. I’m fucking Tom Culton. We run things, things don’t run we. You can quote me on that.”

Tom Culton [Twitter]

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