Six Pack: Philly’s Best Restaurants For Dining Out Alone

Photo by Jason Varney

Nothing wrong with a table for one at Vetri

Sure, dates and dinners with friends are nice, but sometimes you just want to grab a meal all by yourself. Maybe you’re too busy to make plans, or you just need some alone time. Or maybe you just want to order all the appetizers on the menu and not have to share them. Whatever your reason for dining alone, we’ve got the six best places in Philly to treat yourself.

So, you know, happy Valentine’s Day…

1. Cheu Nooddle BarThe layout of this noodle bar makes it the perfect choice for eating alone. It’s actually easier (and more comfortable) to eat at the counter by yourself than with other people, and when you’re up close to the chefs like you are at Cheu, you don’t really feel like you’re eating alone anyway. Bonus: Being there alone at the counter also makes it a lot easier to just shout out an add-on order to one of the cooks or a passing server if you happen to see something getting walked through the room that you really want to try.

Cheu Noodle Bar
225 S. 10th St.

2. JamoneraLike Cheu, Jamonera seems like it was designed for solo diners. The bar features cushy red seats, and the tables on the floor are small so you don’t feel like you’re awkwardly taking up a 6-person table when you’re eating alone. The other big draw for eating alone at Jamonera is that tapas are notoriously difficult to agree upon when you’re in a group, and everyone leaves hungry (and possibly harboring resentments). But when you’re there by yourself, you can order exactly what you want and eat all of it yourself.

105 S. 13th St.

3. a.barLeave next door to the groups and sit your solo self down at (which, honestly, can sometimes feel too small even for a two-top) and dive into the menus of delicious craft cocktails, small plates and snacks. If you feel like being extra sweet to yourself, order a pretzel hot fudge sundae.
NE corner of 18th and Walnut St.

4. VetriTrue, you gotta kind of own this one walking in. You’ve gotta just accept the fact that you’re eating alone at one of the priciest tables in the city and wear it like a mark of pride. But in the end, while that $155 tasting menu may sound like a lot to pay for dinner, it’s way less than the $310 you would pay for you and a date.

1312 Spruce Street

5. Fette SauStephen Starr’s Fishtown BBQ joint doesn’t take reservations, but your wait time for a table is guaranteed to be less when you’re just one person. Also, going alone means you can order a pound of pulled pork just for you and not feel embarrassed when you walk out with barbecue sauce in your hair, which sounds pretty heavenly.

Fette Sau
1208 Frankford Ave

6. Vernick Food and DrinkVernick is the place to go for an unfussy, great meal alone. You can sit at the bar or at a table, depending on how comfortable you are, and enjoy the simply beautiful execution of Vernick’s food. But the best place to sit? At the kitchen counter in the back room, where you can watch all the action among the cooks rather than staring at your phone between courses.

Vernick Food and Drink
2031 Walnut Street