Six Drinks To Take You Away from This Cold Weather

There are a lot of ways to battle single degree lows. Burrow under your heaviest comforter and wait for spring. Enjoy a Hot Toddy or whiskey shots. But there’s another way to battle the cold that we’re particularly fond of, DENIAL.

Here are six drinks being poured around town that will take you back (or forward) to summer.

Lo Spiedo
Paloma Sgroppino – The Campari Grapefruit slushy at Marc Vetri’s Navy Yard restaurant is as big a middle finger as you can give to a wind-chill of -1º.

Cantina Dos Segundos
Verano Adentro – Spanish for Endless Summer, this tequila, combier, cucumber and jalapeno drink will have you picturing sandy beaches and gently lapping waves.

Bar Volver
Basil Chile Smash – Basil and cucumber are two of our favorite summer drink garnishes. At Bar Volver, the basil is smashed and the heat of the chile oil can warm your toes.

V Street
Colonel Mustard in the Library with a Dagger – Gin is certainly a popular summer spirit and triggers memories of outdoor drinking to us. But mustard? Well we found the mustard was a surprisingly good complement to the gin and Cocchi Americano.

Percy Street Barbecue
Hillbilly Gatorade – We first ordered this on a lark. But there’s something about the brine of the pickle juice, the kick of the barbecue sauce and the bubbles of the Miller Hi-Life that keeps us coming back.

Mai Tai – All of this Fishtown Tiki bar’s drinks thumb their nose at winter, but none quite like the Mai Tai. Drink one and be transported to Hawaii. Drink three and be flat on your back.